Emmett’s birthday flight

One of my friends / clients gave her son a pretty darn cool present for his 7th birthday: a short flight through the skies above Athens, Ohio.

_MG_1733.jpg _MG_1804.jpg _MG_1763.jpg

Our pilot, Nick, flew a Piper single-engine plane in loops over the city where Emmett got to see his house, his school, the Ohio University campus and everything around Athens, and I think even saw the boulder that crushed a house and car a few days ago.

Yes, we landed briefly so that Emmett could move from the back seat up to the co-pilot seat – there was no mid-air Chinese fire drill.

_MG_1788.jpg _MG_1816.jpg _MG_1852.jpg

I got to ride along to document the event in photos. In the 10 months since I finished graduate school I’ve been up in a small plane three times now – my plan to pursue a career that gets me into interesting and exciting situations is working out very nicely.

_MG_1835.jpg _MG_1900.jpg _MG_1922.jpg

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