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Wyoming – Fine Art Prints
Wyoming - Fine Art Prints

I’ve recently become interested in two somewhat-related things: first, producing hand-made prints from my images, and secondly, creating distinct and coherent bodies of work. The first of these, then, are a series of prints from my 2010 summer in Wyoming. These were all printed in a wet lab using the ziatype process. Ziatypes involve mixing […]

RayKo Photo Center – Plastic Camera Exhibition
RayKo Photo Center - Plastic Camera Exhibition

On March 5th the Plastic Camera exhibition opens at the RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco. Ann Jastrab, the director of the gallery there, was the juror. One of my images – one I’m calling, for various reasons, “Headless Anny” – was selected for inclusion. Headless Anny was the third wet plate image I made […]