Four by Five Exhibition: New Orleans Photo Alliance

A month or so ago I entered another juried photography exhibition, this one held by the New Orleans Photo Alliance, entitled “Four by Five”. I sent in my four tintypes and moved on with the summer.

The official notification date passed, so I figured I hadn’t gotten in. More time passed. I was busy with my job at the Workshops, with a million things on my mind. Got an email a few days ago that I had been accepted – yay! – and the address to which I had to mail my framed pieces.

Emily Schiffer and Lola. Rockport, Maine, 2013 dawson_mark_002_small
1930 Pitcairn PA 7S Tintype, 3.5 x 4.5 inches. ©2014 Mark Edward Dawson Griffen Cooper

They didn’t mention which image they had selected, though, so I was trying to figure it out when I remembered: the point of this exhibition (“Four by Five”) was to showcase four photographs by five photographers. So that kinda made my day.

(And then I realized I had to frame four tintypes, pronto.)

Emily Schiffer and Lola. Rockport, Maine, 2013Emily & Lola

dawson_mark_002Spad XIIIc.1 biplane (replica), Richard Hornbeck, pilot.

1930 Pitcairn PA 7STintype, 3.5 x 4.5 inches.©2014 Mark Edward Dawson1930 Pitcairn PA 7S

Griffen CooperGriffen Cooper

In addition to the show, the images will be published in View Camera Magazine.

Small-world: the show was juried by Steve Simmons, the author of Using the View Camera, a book I relied on quite a bit when learning to use 4×5 cameras back in grad school.

View the other images in the show here, and if you’re near New Orleans, swing by! (If you do, snap a few pics of the installation for me, would ya?)

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