Zeiss PiC Competition – Tintypes
Zeiss PiC Competition - Tintypes

Every year the Maine Media Workshops teams up with Zeiss lenses to hold a photo competition. The only requirement is that the images be made with a Zeiss lens. And this year, apparently, seasonal staff are eligible to enter. I know, I know, if you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail. Well, I didn’t […]

Box Camera Tripod Mount
Box Camera Tripod Mount

This past Christmas Kari got me an old box camera. I’ve made a few tintypes with it, and it’s a lot of fun; the simplicity of a Holga with the clarity of a glass lens. The only real drawback is that this particular model didn’t have a tripod mount in it. No matter how firm […]

Birch Point State Park, Part 2 – Silver and Salt
Birch Point State Park, Part 2 - Silver and Salt

I went back to Birch Point State Park again – I knew there were a couple of photos I saw that I didn’t have time to make the last trip, plus there was the whole other half of the beach and woods to explore. I still didn’t make the photos I had in mind, but […]

Four by Five Exhibition: New Orleans Photo Alliance
Four by Five Exhibition: New Orleans Photo Alliance

A month or so ago I entered another juried photography exhibition, this one held by the New Orleans Photo Alliance, entitled “Four by Five”. I sent in my four tintypes and moved on with the summer. The official notification date passed, so I figured I hadn’t gotten in. More time passed. I was busy with […]

Birch Point State Park – Tintypes
Birch Point State Park - Tintypes

Every once in a while I get the urge to go out in nature, to some extent or another, and spend some time just seeing what’s there to be seen. After spending the summer surrounded by hundreds of people, dozens changing every week, and no time to speak of in the lab to make photos […]

Ice Bucket Challenge – Tintype Style
Ice Bucket Challenge - Tintype Style

The tintype Kari and I got nominated to do this ice bucket thing – thanks a lot McKenna! (one of Kari’s nieces) – and as usual I tried to figure out a way to make it a little different, and fun for me to make. These days “fun for me” often means “make a tintype […]

Bad Little Falls, Machias, Maine
Bad Little Falls, Machias, Maine

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to ride up to Machias, Maine, with Kari, to make tintypes at the Blueberry Festival and Blackfly Ball there. That whole shebang didn’t work out so well, and the less said about it the better, but I did manage to make two tintypes of the short but emphatic […]

Griffen Cooper #2 – Tintype
Griffen Cooper #2 - Tintype

Griffen was hanging around campus again, helping out by acting and modeling for some of the Workshops. I had the tintype chemistry set up, so I grabbed him for a few minutes to make a new portrait. Griffen was happy to pose with his latest instrument, his new heavily-rosined fiddle. Griffen had previously sat for […]

Sacha – Tintype
Sacha - Tintype

Andrew, one of my new friends here at the Workshops, wanted to make a tintype of his girlfriend who was up visiting for the weekend. I did a quick demo to show him the steps, and just made this one shot. Andrew had a good first outing as a tintypist too!

Expired collodion? Vintage collodion!
Expired collodion? Vintage collodion!

Today I sampled some of my ’13 and ’12 vintages of collodion, with surprising (to me, at least) results!

New staff, new friends (and new lab)
New staff, new friends (and new lab)

I’ve been quiet for the past three weeks for various – mostly good – reasons. The Professional Certificate program ended, and there was a fair amount of work involved with that. Then I had three new staff members start work, which meant training them, which meant first remembering how to do stuff myself. There was […]

Tintype Outing: Owls Head Transportation Museum
Tintype Outing: Owls Head Transportation Museum

Pilot Richard Hornbeck poses with a 1917 Spad XIIIc.1 biplane (replica). Several weeks ago an old high school friend commented on a tintype images I posted to Facebook, said he would like to buy one. Naturally I said “sure! What do you have in mind?” “An airplane. I want a tintype of an airplane.” Great. […]

New Haas Lab – Tintype
New Haas Lab - Tintype

The original Haas Photo Lab, in which I first learned to make prints using the old photographic processes, is no more. In its place is the New Haas Lab, a super clean and modern space created specifically for the alternative processes that Brenton Hamilton teaches there. I wanted to photograph it, and I figured that […]


What do I call this medium? It’s a tintype, but tintypes never really had much to do with “tin”, and more recently I use aluminum plate. And this isn’t that, either. Although, judging by the rust, maybe this is actually closer to the original ferrotype (on iron). I’m going to go with “ilfordfilmcannisterotype”. You heard […]

Neal Parent
Neal Parent

Fellow Maine-based photographer Neal Parent was on campus this past week teaching one of his workshops – one geared toward digital photography. For a little added spice on the last day of class we arranged to show his students the tintype process. I always think it’s fun to take people who are accustomed to multi-gigabyte […]

A tintype a day…
A tintype a day...

I took a break to run over to the harbor again today. This time I implemented two lessons learned: One, bring a stabilizing device. In this case, a packet of oatmeal from the dining hall. Perfect. Two, leave my car running. This time around it took about 10 minutes from the time I pulled the […]

Back to the future – Maine Sunday Telegram article
Back to the future - Maine Sunday Telegram article

The Portland Press Herald’s Maine Sunday Telegram ran a story about the historical processes lab at Maine Media Workshops, featuring a few photos of yours truly. Here is a photo gallery from the online article. In front of a bunch of people and a camera going to publish photos for the world to see? Why […]

Can you tell it’s tintype season?
Can you tell it's tintype season?

Ether is definitely in the air these days (along with a hell of a lot of pollen, apparently). Two tintype posts in one day…not that any season isn’t a fine time to make tintypes, but pleasant temperatures do make it a tad easier. The past couple of days have been a chaotic mess, but despite […]

Tintype Portraits – Ari and John
Tintype Portraits - Ari and John

A photographer came to the Alt Pro class yesterday so we wanted to give him something visible to photograph – like a nice big 8×10 camera in action. (Basically I use any excuse to make some tintypes.) John, one of the Alt Pro students, sat in for one portrait, complete with blue nitrile gloves (blue […]

8×10 – Newest addition to the arsenal – Brenton Portrait, Tintype
8x10 - Newest addition to the arsenal - Brenton Portrait, Tintype

I had thought I was perfectly happy with my 4×5 – seemed like the negatives were plenty large – and once I got into historical process printing I could make my (digital) negatives any size I wanted to anyhow. One small problem: you can’t enlarge a tintype. So I “needed” a bigger camera if I […]

Frozen Plate Photography
Frozen Plate Photography

Last December, while on Christmas break in Minnesota, I finally had the chance to try doing wetplate photography in sub-freezing temperatures. While our dark tent and chemicals were in a warm dry house, the cameras, the subjects, and of course the photographers were outside – on a windy day that topped out at 15F.   […]

New tintype from an old camera
New tintype from an old camera

This past Christmas Kari gave me an old black box camera – turns out to be an Agfa Ansco 2A Antar, I believe, which seems to be a circa 1930s camera. I guess they liked having the letter A in their product names back then – added 2A just for good measure. Funny story: Kari […]

Kiernan Gallery – The Alternative Approach exhibition
Kiernan Gallery - The Alternative Approach exhibition

One of my tintypes (Emily and Lola, again) was chosen for the online portion of the Kiernan Gallery’s The Alternative Approach exhibition. Since the juror was the legendary Christopher James, being selected kinda made my day!

SohoPhoto Gallery – Alternative Process Exhibition
SohoPhoto Gallery - Alternative Process Exhibition

The 9th National Alternative Process Competition exhibit opens today at the SohoPhoto Gallery in New York City, and three of my images were chosen for inclusion. Since this was my first public entry into the world of fine art photography and alternative process printing, I will admit I was fairly pleased with myself. Jill Enfield, […]