Road Trip T-Shirts for Sale!

I hired the hottest model I could afford.

I’ve been told I should sell my t-shirts to help raise money for my play time work trips to the desert, so here I go. For a very limited time I’m going to make a screen and print some shirts – get ’em while they’re hot!

I’m going to do a run of blue ink on white shirts (shown above) and dark-heather blue gray shirts with an off-white design (shown below, although for the next batch they will have a crew (round) neck, not a v-neck like in the photo).

For the next batch they will all be crew (round) necks, not v-necks.

I’ll be taking orders through Sunday, September 3rd, 2017, and that’s it. Order now! Then I’ll get them made and shipped out asap.

These shirts don’t just look great on that sexy model in Tempe, they wear well out in the Utah desert, too!

In case you missed it, here’s the story (and a ton of photos) about The Great Tintype Adventure of 2017, which hopefully is Part One of Two! And here’s a bit more about me learning how to make the shirts in the first place.

Chicks dig it!

Thanks Aimee and Matt for the photo!

The white t-shirt has a blue design, and the blue shirt (on the right) has a white / light beige design. (The gray one (on the left) isn’t available right now.

Ordering information

To get one (or more) of my shirts you can either:

  1. Make the selections and use the PayPal button below.
  2. Just send me an email and I can give you my PayPal info. Be sure to indicate sizes, colors, and quantities.

Ordering more than one shirt

If you order with the button below you can change quantities in the next screen.

Multiple sizes

If you want more than one size, then in the next screen select “Continue Shopping”, which will bring you back here, and you can add another size shirt to your order.

Order here:

The price includes shipping. If you want a size that isn’t listed, just get in touch with me.

T-shirt color:

Shipping times

Once I have all of the orders I will buy the shirts and start making them – they should ship out by mid-September!

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