Saluzzo – Crissolo, Italy

Location: Crissolo, Monviso area [umap id=”7842″ size=”t” alignment=”right”]
Maximum altitude: 1350 m
4429 ft

Today didn’t work out as planned. The idea was to take a bus from Saluzzo to Paesana, then take another bus on up the valley to Crissolo. From there I was hoping to get some nice fresh alpine air and hike around with an amazing view of Monviso, a jagged mountain and birthplace of the Po river.

Didn’t read the bus schedule carefully enough, though, and didn’t notice that the bus I needed at 10:15 only ran on Fridays; the next bus to Crissolo wasn’t until mid-afternoon. So… I decided to walk: 12 km along the road, and 700m UP the mountain.

I made it (only had my small day pack, of course), but when I got there I couldn’t see the %$!@The best view I got of Monviso...BEFORE I walked 12km along the road (and 700m up the mountain). mountain! It was hiding behind some lower hills. Perhaps I would have gotten a better view up the road from Crissola, but a) I was exhausted already, and too much sun, and b) the only bus back was at 14:45. By the time I got some wine and water to accompany my focaccia, cheese, and prosciutto it was already nearly 14:00, and I had no desire to wait another three hours for a bus at 17:45.

So I had my modest picnic and caught the next bus down the mountain. Not really the alpine trek I had in mind, but at least good exercise.

Found two new uses for my GPS device. First, to help me know which unmarked bus stop is the one I want, and secondly, to provide an impromptu map when the bus I want doesn’t go on Wednesdays and I decide to hike off into the mountains on the spur of the moment.

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  1. DED says:

    Howdy. Outer space does come in handy (GPS) sometimes. Better read closer, may wind up in the middle of a lake without boat.

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