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Professional Certificate – End of Program Exhibition
Professional Certificate - End of Program Exhibition

The Professional Certificate Students are showing their work this week at the Maine Media Gallery in Rockport, Maine. There will be an opening reception this Thursday from 5-7pm. The show then moves to the PhoPa Gallery in Portland, Maine, from June 4-7, with an opening reception on Friday, June 6th, from 5-8pm. Brenton, Sarah, and […]


What do I call this medium? It’s a tintype, but tintypes never really had much to do with “tin”, and more recently I use aluminum plate. And this isn’t that, either. Although, judging by the rust, maybe this is actually closer to the original ferrotype (on iron). I’m going to go with “ilfordfilmcannisterotype”. You heard […]

Neal Parent
Neal Parent

Fellow Maine-based photographer Neal Parent was on campus this past week teaching one of his workshops – one geared toward digital photography. For a little added spice on the last day of class we arranged to show his students the tintype process. I always think it’s fun to take people who are accustomed to multi-gigabyte […]

A tintype a day…
A tintype a day...

I took a break to run over to the harbor again today. This time I implemented two lessons learned: One, bring a stabilizing device. In this case, a packet of oatmeal from the dining hall. Perfect. Two, leave my car running. This time around it took about 10 minutes from the time I pulled the […]

Back to the future – Maine Sunday Telegram article
Back to the future - Maine Sunday Telegram article

The Portland Press Herald’s Maine Sunday Telegram ran a story about the historical processes lab at Maine Media Workshops, featuring a few photos of yours truly. Here is a photo gallery from the online article. In front of a bunch of people and a camera going to publish photos for the world to see? Why […]

Can you tell it’s tintype season?
Can you tell it's tintype season?

Ether is definitely in the air these days (along with a hell of a lot of pollen, apparently). Two tintype posts in one day…not that any season isn’t a fine time to make tintypes, but pleasant temperatures do make it a tad easier. The past couple of days have been a chaotic mess, but despite […]

Tintype Portraits – Ari and John
Tintype Portraits - Ari and John

A photographer came to the Alt Pro class yesterday so we wanted to give him something visible to photograph – like a nice big 8×10 camera in action. (Basically I use any excuse to make some tintypes.) John, one of the Alt Pro students, sat in for one portrait, complete with blue nitrile gloves (blue […]

8×10 – Newest addition to the arsenal – Brenton Portrait, Tintype
8x10 - Newest addition to the arsenal - Brenton Portrait, Tintype

I had thought I was perfectly happy with my 4×5 – seemed like the negatives were plenty large – and once I got into historical process printing I could make my (digital) negatives any size I wanted to anyhow. One small problem: you can’t enlarge a tintype. So I “needed” a bigger camera if I […]

Calotypes, finally!
Calotypes, finally!

After watching several workshops make calotypes – one of the earliest forms of photography – I finally got a chance to make that step back in time myself. The process is a little slower and more tedious than some, and with vellum dripping wet with silver nitrate, a whole lot sloppier than most. First you […]

Muted Landscapes
Muted Landscapes

Back when I started to get excited about tri-color gum printing I thought I’d begin with some bolder colors – seemed obvious and somehow easier. Don’t know if it is either of those, but it made sense to me! As I’ve looked at other artists’ tri-color prints, and especially as I’ve researched watercolor pigments and […]