• Utah with Kari, Finally
    So…the trip started off great. Planned to leave at 7:00am, actually left about 7:15, so about 45 minutes early.  :-) Stopped at Horseshoe Bend. Because of the ‘rona, they weren’t collecting the entrance fees, and there were relatively few people. […]
  • Jonathan’s 50th Birthday Expedition
    For his recent 50th birthday my grad school friend Jonathan wanted to meet up with some friends and explore the southwest a little bit. The idea was to gather in Las Vegas, have some fun there, then head out to […]
  • The Mojave
    Winter is the time to explore the hot places. I had a few days open, so I decided to check out the Mojave. First day, headed out 93, turned right at Nothing. Heard about a Bra Tree up on Christmas […]
  • Utah in February
    I spent much of January trying to plan a trip to…somewhere. (Ok, in reality I spent most of January working, but anyhow…) The original idea was to go to the Vermilion Cliffs, which, at over 7000 ft elevation in February […]
  • Great Tintype Adventure of 2018
    At some point early in 2018 I decided I needed to be an adult for a while and get a regular job. That is a story for a very different post some day, but the relevant point is that I […]
  • Exhibition: Light Sensitive
    This is, um, a little bit late, in terms of advance notice, but there is a very cool art exhibition opening tonight at Art Intersection in Gilbert, Arizona. The exhibition showcases photography using traditional darkroom and alternative processes (i.e., pretty […]
  • The Alabama Hills and Death Valley
    Last April I made a road trip to Los Angeles that theoretically included a stop in Death Valley. While the trip overall was great, the Death Valley portion didn’t go so well, and I wasn’t able to make any tintypes […]
  • TechShop, a eulogy
    I moved to the Phoenix valley in the fall of 2015, and went to TechShop because a relative said they thought they heard I might be able to learn how to weld there. Maybe they had a woodshop I could […]
  • Tintype license plate
    When I recently had to renew my license plate I decided to have some fun with it. This weekend I finally made a fitting photo to share. For those not in the know: tintype images are, by nature, upside down […]
  • Great Tintype Adventure of 2017 (Part 3)
    Wait a sec…”Part 3″? I thought the last Great Tintype Adventure of 2017 was “Part 1”?! Well, two answers. First, the original plan, back in July, was to start around Mexican Hat and work my way counter-clockwise north through Bears […]
  • Excursion to the Toroweap Overlook
    The plan for my big summer road trip was to end up at the Toroweap Overlook on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. That trip was interrupted, though, before I could make it back down out of Utah. In […]
  • Solar Eclipse of 2017, a Tintype Attempt
    For various reasons I wasn’t planning on doing anything particularly special for the eclipse. I’d watch it myself, then get online and enjoy nice photos from other people. I definitely didn’t have the urge to drive up to the masses […]
  • Great Tintype Adventure of 2017 (Part 1)
    I have made several trips through southwest Utah in the past year, each time taking my little (and low-slung) Ford Focus further down dirt roads than I should, each time asking the guy changing my oil afterward if everything looks […]
  • Screenprinting: Road Trip T-Shirt!
    One of the many things I’ve learned recently is how to screen print, at least one method of doing it. TechShop has a CNC vinyl cutter and a basic screen printing station, so I started with a vinyl mask for […]
  • Reclaimed Wood Beam and Steel Plate Bench
    About the same time I was working on my I-beam coffee table I was also creating another toe breaker / boat anchor, my Big Beam Bench. The wood beam was left over from a set of end tables I made […]