The first assignments are due


AMotD (Awesome Moment of the Day) Going to bed before 3 am. Professor Gary Kirksey uses his laptop to show photos illustrating the use of long lenses to control depth of field.
Current main project: NOTHING… for a few hours

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I have slept 8 hours… in the past two and a half days; this is not going to be a long post. My first real assignments were due this week, though, and I figured I’d share. There’s an audio piece, a commercial fashion shoot, and a publication design project.

Gary Ginther, Fine Arts Librarian, patiently waiting for me to get my audio and pics and get out of his office.

In order to be creative/obnoxious I chose to collect sounds in what should be the most soundless place on campus, the library. I interviewed Gary Ginther, the Fine Arts Librarian, about typical sounds in the library:


[There should be a little widget to play my audio clip right above this line. You may need Flash or some other plugin. There are parts that are verrrrry quiet, so maybe headphones would work best for you.]

Turns out I could have picked an easier project to do, like, say, collecting sounds in the vacuum of space.

On Wednesday I had a Publication Design project due. The assignment was to create a quick reference sheet to help users get to know some of the tools in Adobe’s InDesign program (using InDesign to make the project – sneaky of the prof, eh?)

InDesign quick reference guide.

I knew I wanted mine to be clear and simple (plus I knew I couldn’t pull off something ornate anyhow) so I looked for a way to make it unique, and ended up creating a 3-D “tent” to set on the desk next to the user’s computer. (If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh–?)

IMG_5304.jpg IMG_5319.jpg IMG_5321.jpg

Finally there’s the Commercial Photography class, focusing on Fashion this quarter. The first assignment: Texture. I had a knit hat I picked up in Peru last summer that has these funky dots, so that’s what I wanted to shoot. Then I had what I thought was the brilliant idea to get some Dots candy (the colored dots on a strip of paper)(not LSD). Turns out they ain’t so easy to find these days. I spent most of an afternoon driving all over Athens looking in every store I could think of.

My parents finally found them in a store in Chillicothe and drove them over to me an hour before the shoot. I have awesome parents. They also took me to lunch.  :-)

IMG_5483_2_text.jpg IMG_5534_2_text.jpg IMG_5625_2_text.jpg

Finding a model was even harder than finding the candy, and there are more than a couple women in Athens who think I’m some kind of creepy guy wanting to shoot them nekkid. Well, a friend of mine put me in touch with her niece, and saved my *ss (although, I found out later, many of the people in the class just used their friends or roommates… I figured that was sorta cheating, so I did the real deal.) Kristin, the model I worked with, was awesome, and we had a ball with the shoot.

More photos from the Fashion Shoot >> (Yes, I made a bikini out of pegboard and sisal rope from Lowe’s.)

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IMG_8656.jpg IMG_8667.jpg IMG_5421.jpg