Assignments Round 3: featuring Gary the Luthier

AMotD (Awesome Moment of the Day) Finishing the biggest project of the year (so far)
Current main project: Getting home and getting more than 4 hours sleep.

As usual it’s late and I’m not done and I want to get to bed, but the software is crunching the numbers to render my file, so I might as well get something posted here.

My project was to do a story on Gary Sager, a luthier (one who builds and repairs stringed instruments) and music shop owner in Waverly, Ohio. I have to present a short audio slideshow (still photos with an audio track), and as usual it’s not exactly short. Still, I kept the main body of the content to 5 minutes – after painfully cutting out tons of fun and interesting stuff. Anyhow, without further ado, let’s see if I can get it to embed the file here on my journal page:

I think you’re going to need Quicktime. I’ll work on optimizing all of this sometime other than 4am.

I also had the next Fashion shoot due, on “accessories”. While I was staring despondently at my shoes, having come to the realization that my Plans A through about G had been dismal failures and my studio time was rapidly running out, my model (Amy) told an anecdote about how she and her girlfriends got together after all of their divorces were finalized, and were noticing the blank spot on their left ring fingers where their wedding rings had been. Amy, aware of the topic of my shoot, made the comment that now “freedom is my accessory”, and I thought that sounded like a damn good tag line to work on.

IMG_7092.jpg IMG_7370.jpg IMG_7594.jpg

Then she also mentioned that her boyfriend is a drag racer, and that they frequently run their nighttime races by using a woman dropping her bra as the start signal. For laughs we did a series of about a zillion photos trying to capture the motion of the dropping bra. I need to work on my studio skills.

Finally, we had to re-vamp our resumes for Publication Design class, so here’s my effort (PDF). I’m going to tweak it a bit still.

IMG_7179.jpg IMG_7382.jpg IMG_7601.jpg