Wukoki Pueblo and the Grand Canyon Tintypes

For reasons I go into in another post, I recently made a new darkbox to facilitate making tintypes in the field. That ordeal is a different story, but here are the best results from my first day of relative success with the new gear.

To try and escape the heat of the Phoenix valley I like to head up past Flagstaff to the higher elevations and cooler temperatures there. Slightly cooler. I didn’t realize that the ruins of Wukoki Pueblo in Wupatki National Monument are quite a bit lower than I thought, and it still got up to 95F or so the day I made this tintype, about 20 degrees warmer than my campsite 4000ft higher in the San Francisco Peaks.

This is the first plate out of my new darkbox that looks more or less like it should. I didn’t pour all the chemistry neatly, and then I accidentally dumped it in the fixer face down, but still, this counted as a huge success given the previous four days of failures.

Since I had one more day left on my annual National Parks Pass I headed up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

(The National Park Service has a number of passes that are phenomenal deals – for most folks, $80 gets you into all 400+ National Park Service locations around the country for a year. If you’re over 62, it’s $10 for life. Several other categories, including 4th graders, get in free. Even at $80, can you think of a better deal? Seriously, I’ve driven to the Grand Canyon to have a quick look just because I can.)

Grand Canyon, South Rim, Lipan Point, looking west.
Grand Canyon, South Rim, Lipan Point, looking west.
Grand Canyon, South Rim, Lipan Point, looking north.
Grand Canyon, South Rim, Lipan Point, looking north.

I still have issues with the darkbox, and I need to get better at pouring chemistry in the small space, but these definitely represent progress from earlier trips!

I celebrated with a location-appropriate beer.

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