Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I am safe and sound here in Sarajevo, but I am having techinical difficulties ranging from a dead laptop to see-through swimming trunks and no clean underwear. Gotta sort all that out, plus lunch, before there is much in the way of blogging. And photos? Ha, not till I get the damn laptop fixed.

Email to my folks:

Hi y,all,

Sometimes commas are going to have to suffice in place of apostrophes, just fyi, since I don,t feel like wasting $1.50/hour looking for the right kez. May get some z,s instead of y,s, too, since they freqeuentlz switch places.

Anyhow, I am healthy in Sarajevo. That,s the good news. Unfortunately I have issues and not much time:

-Laptop is inexplicably dead. Worked, then didn,t work. Won,t power up at all. When I plug in the power supply only to the wall the light on it comes on, but when I plug it into the laptop the light goes out and nothing further happens. Hoping it,s “only” the power supply, but around here… even that is a major issue.

-GPS still doesn,t work, and around here with their apparent inability to post streetsigns, it would be very handy, but whatever.

-Underwear: am on last pair, can,t find laundry, no time anyhow. Would wash self…may not dry in time, since Sarajevo is currenty, literally, in the middle of a cloud (fog).

-Apparently only connection back to Split in time for my cruise is a bus tomorrow at 21:00 which arrives in Split at 04:00. That,s going to be a nightmare.

-Swim trunks: discovered while coming out of the Adriatic onto the beach in Rimini that they are transparent when wet. Need new ones before cruise.

-Sarajevo: I got about 30 hours to check it out (and eat, sleep, and solve those other problems).

A few other things are bugging me, but I,d better stop typing and start solving. Will check back later today or in the morning, and I will probably have a chance to check before embarking on the boat. Again, from 20-27 don,t expect anything from me.

Gotta go. Hope all is well with both of you.


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  1. DED


    Wear underware while swimming – thus no see through and clean underware.


  2. Ale

    Glad you are safe and good luck for fixing all your problems!

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