Dubrovnik to Trstenik, Croatia

09:40: Well… I feel better, physically at least, than I probably deserve. Mentally… been better.

[Lunchtime] Very lazy day, as expected after the spectacle last night. We aren’t going any place of cultural interest, just natural beauty, so all we have to do is be lazy and enjoy. Stopped to swim twice, but I only got in once, briefly. Too damn cold, plus it makes the headache worse.

My camera has now joined the list of things that are broken. So far I’ve noticed that the autofocus doesn’t work at all – it just stopped from one photo to the next. (After some investigation it was clear that most of the electronics were malfunctioning – I could take one shot, or change one setting, then I would either have to turn the camera off and back on, or remove the battery for a few seconds.)(I wanted to chuck the whole thing into the sea, together with my stupid laptop.)