Mljet to Dubrovnik, Croatia

Been up and on deck since 06:15 watching the sunrise over the islands and mountain ranges. Had two dreams last night, hopefully not prophetic. In the first a group of us (from the cruise) were walking along a canal somewhere. We came to a very small boat, and several of them got in, just for fun. It was really just a small dinghy, and too many got in, the last one causing it to sink.

It just went straight down, didn’t capsize or anything, and this was in a very small, clean, man-made space with clear water, not deep. There was no danger at all – they could have just stood up, maybe swam a little, and been safe, but they didn’t. Nobody came to the surface.

After a few seconds I started to get worried, then I heard voices clearly yelling “Help, help! Can’t you see us down here?!”. I jumped in and sank down, and they were all laughing at the joke they had played on the rest of us.

The second dream… somebody’s tiny cabin on the boat had turned into a huge loft apartment and they were hosting a fancy dinner party, and I wasn’t invited. Whatever.

It had been a beautiful red sunrise, but is now overcast. What’s that about “red in the morning”?

10:05: Crap weather today – just grey. I wonder how this will affect photos of the supposedly stunning Dubrovnik?

02:13 (technically tomorrow): Got in to Dubrovnik around 11:00, had a quick walk in the rain around the new harbour and checked email. Back to the boat for lunch, then off to the old town. Walked the walls with some people from the group, then headed back to the boat to get dry shoes and my tripod.

Caught up with a few people for a nice dinner, after which the proprietor offered us first a glass, then the entire bottle of homemade grappa, and things got slightly sloppy after that. Went to a couple more bars, had fun. At some point Dean lost a lens from his glasses, so being the prepared Boy Scout I am I whipped out my headlamp and got down on the floor to look for it. I’m sure I was the coolest person in the joint.

Not really sure what Dean is up to, but his belly (and other parts) seem to be in a lot of my post-grappa photos that night.