Jackson Peak, 10741ft

Start location: Curtis Canyon trailhead _MG_3173.jpg
End location: Summit, Jackson Peak
Min altitude:
Max altitude: 10,741ft (3274m)
Min temp:
Max temp:

Jackson Peak Hike Notes

12-Jul-10, 16:45 – Start at Curtis Canyon trailhead.

Met woman part way up: “It’s cold and windy,” and “it’s just you and me” (and she’s leaving, i.e., I got the mountain to myself).

20:00 – at camp near small lake/pond between Goodwin Lake and Jackson Peak. Note: hang bear bag rope before drinking wine with dinner.



13-Jul-10, 10:45 left camp for summit.

11:45 – summit of Jackson Peak.
13:50 – start down
14:20 – back at camp to break down.
15:00 – start back to trailhead.
16:40 – at trailhead.

_MG_3097.jpg _MG_3113.jpg _MG_3160.jpg


Quote from humor book written by a local on how to get good tips from the tourists: “if you’re sneaky, bring the change in silver dollars and two-dollar bills.” My change from Moo’s ice cream shop: 50-cent piece. Too bad I’m a coin collector, ha! Joke’s on you buddy!

_MG_3205.jpg _MG_3209.jpg _MG_3216.jpg

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