Tintype Portraits – Ari and John

John Polhemus, tintype, 9in x 7 in

A photographer came to the Alt Pro class yesterday so we wanted to give him something visible to photograph – like a nice big 8×10 camera in action. (Basically I use any excuse to make some tintypes.) John, one of the Alt Pro students, sat in for one portrait, complete with blue nitrile gloves (blue things tend to be lighter than usual because the collodion / silver is more sensitive in the blue-violet-ultra-violet end of the spectrum).

Ari Meil, tintype, 9in x 7 inAri, in his native attire…then as an extra in a film student project:

Ari Meil, tintype, 9in x 7 inAll tintypes approximately 7×9 inches, made with an Eastman Commercial View 8×10 camera, with a Wollensak 15″ f/5.6 lens from a WWII-era aerial reconnaissance camera, using a paint can lid as an 8-second long shutter.

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  1. Dad

    What did you do with the paint?

  2. Mark Dawson

    The lid was actually from a gallon paint can that had been converted into a pinhole camera. :-)

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