Catalytic Converter Theft

I have yet again become another statistic, this time as a victim of catalytic converter theft. Fortunately (?) for me, it was only attempted theft, and the short-term fix “only” cost me about $55. The thieves must have gotten scared off before they could cut out the converters completely, so $30 to get the cut welded up, and $25 for Ubers to/from the mechanic, and I was back on the road.

I had looked into deterrent options in the past – there have been a lot of cat thefts in the area, indeed nation-wide – but I couldn’t find any good products for my older truck. Plenty for the new Tundras, but nothing short of a custom (i.e., expensive) job for mine.

Fortunately the shop I got connected to had a solution for me, and the price was right, so now my cats are protected in their new black cages!

Before the cat cages

I hate that I have to spend a lot of money to stop the scumbags that steal these things, but at least I don’t think I need to worry about this particular problem for a while.