St. Genis Laval (Lyon), France

Lazy day today. Up around 09:00, walked with Nicole and the kids up to the bio market and bakery, had a croissant and coffe at a cafe on the main square, home for pannenkoeken lunch, and shopping at Auchan. I bought a Cotes du Rhone (local) red, some Tomme de Savoie, Munster, and… some other kind of cheese (which turned out to be my favorite, too bad I forget the name).

Went over to the school where Steve teaches to get some internet time and talk to him some about open source software and website hosting options. Went “home”, edited some photos, had dinner, wine and cheese, that’s about it for the day.

Oh, and I got to see football stickers (like my old baseball cards, but 20 years more modern and for soccer) with Bram and Scooby Doo (?!) stickers with Sophie. Tomorrow should be more… “French” (I don’t want to say “more interesting” because that implies that stickers of the Innsbruck football stadium or Shaggy in a detective’s costume aren’t interesting) since the kids start school after the summer break, and Nicole and I are going to spend the day exploring Lyon.