The Dawson Cabin – Tintypes

The Dawson Cabin
Still weirds me out that this is backwards (a feature of the tintype process, remember).

I finally talked Kari into going to our cabin. Let’s just say that she and I have different tolerances for cleanliness, wild critters, and modern conveniences like electricity and indoor plumbing. I convinced her the cabin would be a pleasant place to relax.


I was a little wrong. It was hot and muggy and not very relaxing, I admit. The weather wasn’t predictably good, but I squeezed in a couple hours to make tintypes of the cabin.

The Dawson Cabin
I’ve seen lots of tintype portraits. I’ve seen a few tintypes of landscapes. To the best of my knowledge this is a rare tintype of an outhouse.
The Dawson Cabin