Last day at the clinic, Cajamarca, Peru


Today is our last day working in the Centro Medico “Padre Luis Tezza” in Cajamarca. Despite the fact that we were going to do some amazing sightseeing in the coming days, I don’t think any of us wanted to stop working and leave the clinic.



The medical folks had a lot of patients, so it was a busy day. When everyone was done I tried to get them all together for some group shots – not the easiest task, especially with the camera-shy nuns.


One of them, Sister Sorrosario, was always giving me a hard time – via sign language she repeatedly claimed that if I took a picture of her my camera would break. Well, I got some photos anyhow, and printed one up as a gift for her. As she was giggling over the photo I pointed out that my camera still worked. She shot me a dirty look and got in line for the group shots.  :-)

img_2087 img_2038