Fun with spray paint

A while ago I got the urge to spray paint everything in my sent the same color and make some photographs, just playing with the shapes, colors, and shadows. I made a set with cupcakes back around Valentines Day, then I decided recently to expand the series. It was a lot of fun to run around to all the thrift stores, dollar stores, and just the kitchen cabinet to find things to paint – and unlike with the cupcake period it wasn’t 15F outside and the paint dried, with the fumes outside the apartment, quickly.

I think the series can go on indefinitely. I’m excited about various shades of brown – maybe for cinnamon twists, but I’m thinking the next one needs to be green. I’m thinking mint. I’m thinking “mojito”.

dawson_food_09 (1).jpg dawson_yellow_0039_crop copy.jpg dawson_blue_MG_1158_crop.jpg

We’ve got a chocolate cupcake, lemon cheesecake, blueberry scones, and orange cookies.

I liked the orange set a lot, so I worked it a bit more.

dawson_orange_0056.jpg dawson_orange_0072.jpg dawson_orange_0076.jpg
bts_01_MG_8474.jpg bts_02_MG_8473.jpg bts_03_MG_8465.jpg

I had to paint several coats over several days, and my backdrop paper got to be pretty cool. Then, below, I shot all of the sets with my Arca Swiss 4×5 view camera with a 210mm lens and a Leaf Aptus digital back. Then I shot it all with my Canon 5D Mark II, just to be sure. in the final shots the blue one is from the 5D, the others are all view camera / digital back shots.

bts_04_MG_1047.jpg bts_05_MG_1141_2.jpg

Best part is, since I didn’t do anything nasty to the food and it isn’t really perishable, I got to eat the props after I was done. Yummy.

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  1. Mom

    What fun! Do you need a prop manager? I’ll volunteer, but of course you’d have to share …

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