Hocking Hills Weekend

After spending an entire day inside waiting on thunderstorms that never materialized I decided Sunday would be a good day to get out for a walk in the Hocking Hills. It rained very briefly in the afternoon, but then turned into a beautiful afternoon – great day to explore Old Man’s Cave.

 _MG_9899.jpg Photo ©2012 Rebecca F. Miller _MG_0173.jpg _MG_0016.jpg

Rebecca and I grabbed our camera gear (and I brought a strobe, some Pocket Wizards, and a light stand, of course) and we had some fun checking out the waterfalls, overhangs, trees, and people out enjoying the warm day.

_MG_0187.jpg _MG_9925.jpg _MG_9985.jpg
_MG_9901.jpg _MG_9940.jpg _MG_0256.jpg

I got bored, so as often happens that means “get out the camera and tripod and goof around with long exposures”. In this case I wanted to see what the long exposure noise reduction did for me, and how it interacted with the timer remote. Unfortunately after a 20-minute exposure, in which I fell asleep waiting on the shutter to close, I decided I was too tired to experiment properly.