Cyanotype toning


My alternative printing process infatuation started a little over a year ago with the first foray into cyanotypes. I loved it, I spent hours in the lab cranking out cyanotypes, but relatively quickly moved on to things like ziatypes and gum bichromates.

There are times I loved the cyanotype blue, but many times where I thought it didn’t fit the image…or something like that. And it was a binary process, in my head, without the infinite variability of other techniques. Or so I thought.


Now we’ve ventured into cyanotype toning, and…my “hey I gotta try XYZ” list just exploded, again.


Here is a before/after comparison:


Aside from the now more-infinite possibilities the various toning methods provide, it seems, so far at least, as if they aren’t even inherently consistent. So as soon as I can get to it I need to make some more cyanotype prints and get busy dunking them in tannic acid, sodium carbonate, Borax, and lead acetate.