Wyoming – Fine Art Prints


I’ve recently become interested in two somewhat-related things: first, producing hand-made prints from my images, and secondly, creating distinct and coherent bodies of work.

The first of these, then, are a series of prints from my 2010 summer in Wyoming.

wild_west_004 wyoming_001 The tip of the Grand Teton is capped by a storm cloud passing through the park.

These were all printed in a wet lab using the ziatype process. Ziatypes involve mixing components in a shot glass, pouring the liquid on a piece of fine French watercolor paper, and brushing the emulsion into place with a paintbrush.

wyoming_003 wild_west_001_A wild_west_003_A

In my case I use primarily lithium palladium, ammonium dichromate, and some iron compounds for my emulsion. Different compounds affect the color and contrast of the resulting print. For these prints I used Arches’s Platine paper in a 140lb weight.


wild_west_005 wyoming_008_A Sagebrush, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

These prints are available for sale either directly from me (just get in touch!) or via my Etsy shop.