Cork, Ireland

Kinsale, Ireland

02-Oct, Cork, 14:00: First Murphy’s stout (so much better than Guinness!) My choice of pub (Clancy’s) for lunch wasn’t perfect, but it’s ok, especially since I was starting to get shaky from hunger. Had chicken and vegetable soup and bread. My apple crumble dessert was a cold blob from the fridge, not the warm baked goodness I was hoping for. The locally-brewed Beamish I had with it was nice though. ;-)

Heh, I’m back in a country where I don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying English music on the stereo. The flight into Cork was playing U2 as they were taxiing to the gate.

04-Oct, Frankfield, Co. Cork: Dell called this morning to say they would dispatch a repair technician next Tuesday (what happened to “next day on-site?”).

13:39 Walked over to the nearest pub to Kamila’s apartment, which is way over in Douglas (a 25-min walk). Now having a draught Murphy’s and waiting on my Irish burger with Irish cheddar cheese.

Had another dream last night. Don’t remember all of it or any of the other people in it, but there was a huge white sheet (football field huge) and everything was very bright white (eerily like the Hollywood depictions of people dying and going towards the bright light). I could walk along the sheet as it undulated, and if I wanted to get in the right spot it would bounce me high into the air, then catch me as I fell back down, like the balls on the parachute in grade-school gym class. It was generally a nice dream, but there was something unsettling about it, something less innocent than the pure white that surrounded me.

05-Oct: Went into Cork to look around. Saw a street fair of live folk music, which was nice. 13:30: am now sitting in the Woodford Pub, Kamila is at Mass. She is worshiping in her way, I in mine, with a Beamish, Irish stew, and soda bread.

07-Oct, 16:15: the Dell tech has just reassembled the laptop after replacing the motherboard and…nothing. Still doesn’t work.

08-Oct, 13:45: Another motherboard, another nothing.

09-Oct, 12:00: A third motherboard and a new processor: it works! But the WiFi doesn’t, and when the tech goes to check the connections it is so hot it nearly burns him. He’ll have to come back, again.

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