Waverly, Ohio, USA

Just got through US Border Protection…in Ireland. Weird. Anyhow, the woman, after looking at my customs declaration form which lists where I’ve traveled, asked me “so where all have you been?” Naively thinking she’s making pleasant small talk I said something like “yeah, I’ve traveled around a bit”. “Yes, where?” “Um… those countries.” <I point to the list on the form which is in front of her face> “Yes, but I want to hear you say it.”

(Later I was chatting with a guy seated next to me and I came up with maybe they were looking to see how I pronounced the words. Like if I spoke with an American twang to start with: “Ah been ta Lith-ooo-ania, Bel-geee-um, Hol-land,” then accidentally slip into my native Arabic voice for “Bosna i Hercegovina…d’oh! busted!”

12:19: USAirways flight 777. $5 for headphones. Screw that. And now it’s up to $7 for beer/wine, and no complimentary one with meals. Grr.

I had originally booked three legs, with a stop in La Guardia, but since there was only 30 minutes to make the change I thought I’d better double check, and somehow or another I’d been re-booked on a direct flight from PHL to CMH. Good thing I’d asked.

Got home to Waverly around… I dunno, 23:00 or so. Stopped on the way for some Tex-Mex. :-)

It’s good to be “home”!