Waverly, Ohio, USA

Woke up this morning (was going to say “at 09:15, ha ha ha, I don’t have a job!” then realized it was Saturday so it’s more normal to oversleep) to this dream. Surely no psychological basis, right?

I was in an old wooden boat (not sure if it was sail or powered) and casting off from some port somewhere. We – a woman and I – were below decks, and I was steering with two ropes tied to the rudder. By the way the boat rolled I was able to tell where the waves were, and I knew we needed to “go left”, which I think was west, so I maneuvered the boat between the waves and headed “left”.

After a few moments I thought I’d go up to have a look around at the waves we were crashing over. Once up there I realized we really should be steering up where we could see where we were going. I turned to look forward and we were heading straight to a rocky island!

I ran to the back where the wheel was to steer us away, but there was no wheel – it had been stowed, and not reinstalled yet. I yelled to the woman below deck to pull us to the left again, but she was already up on deck, so I jumped back down the hole to grab the ropes. At that point I decided “screw this, I’m going to wake up” right before we crashed into the rocks.

So, it was a beautiful day – blue skies, nice clouds, harsh rugged rocky mountains all around, blue water, nice old wood boat. Gorgeous day, and I had no wheel to give direction to the boat.