The Artisans of Hope

Chris Pinchbeck

The Professional Certificate program students recently headed out to Hope, Maine, to work on their Location Lighting skills while making portraits of local artisans. What is really cool, and something of a surprise, is how many artists and craftsmen there are in Hope.

Lindsay Pinchbeck

We started off with Lindsay Pinchbeck and her Sweet Tree Arts studio.

Stephen Gleasner, woodworker

The next subject was Stephen Gleasner, a world-class woodworker. The students were doing the main lighting and shooting, but I sneaked in a few shots around the edges.

Josh and Owen

After lunch we headed over to SWiTCH Furniture Design to make portraits of Josh and Owen.

Sean Thomas

They had a really cool floor lamp made from a can of concrete and some flexible conduit, so I stuck Sean under it and made a portrait of him while the others where busy.

Chris Pinchbeck
Chris Pinchbeck
Chris Pinchbeck

More photos from the day in Hope:

Courtney ThebergeCourtney Theberge
Corinna and JenniferJosh and Owen
_MG_8414Chris Pinchbeck
_MG_8352Chris Pinchbeck