Smoker's table
I know it’s hard to read, but in the top-ish-left-ish part are some tree trunks and branches. In the right is the framework for the Yo Dining Tent at MMWC. So this was taken from the path near the “smoker’s table” – and of course it is laterally reversed, in case you’re familiar with the MMWC campus and trying to wrap your head around this.

What do I call this medium? It’s a tintype, but tintypes never really had much to do with “tin”, and more recently I use aluminum plate. And this isn’t that, either. Although, judging by the rust, maybe this is actually closer to the original ferrotype (on iron).

Smoker's tableI’m going to go with “ilfordfilmcannisterotype”. You heard it here first.

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  1. Dad

    Is this suppose to make sense to a layman?

  2. Mark Dawson

    I guess not really. It’s more of a visual thing anyhow – I made a tintype-type image on a film canister, that’s all.

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