New Haas Lab – Tintype

The original Haas Photo Lab, in which I first learned to make prints using the old photographic processes, is no more. In its place is the New Haas Lab, a super clean and modern space created specifically for the alternative processes that Brenton Hamilton teaches there.

I wanted to photograph it, and I figured that making a tintype would be appropriate for an alt pro lab. The lights, though, are specially designed (and then extra filtered by me) to block nearly all of the spectra of light that a tintype needs. So I threw open the double doors and left my shutter open for 45 seconds. That plate was too dark, but this second one, at 90 seconds, came out just fine.


From left to right (but, remember, everything is reversed left to right in reality) here are some important features of the space:

  • Large flat-bottom stainless steel sink, with safelight overhead.
  • Large open area, with a line strung to hang prints to dry.
  • Large flat-bottom stainless steel sink with one hot and several cold faucets with hoses.
  • Shelving for glassware and other supplies.
  • Large flat counter working area.
  • Ventilation, climate control (including de- / humidifier)

Other things that aren’t visible in this photo are:

  • Closet for chemical storage.
  • Ultraviolet exposure box units.
  • Flat file paper storage.
  • Workspace and hot press for flattening prints.

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