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“I’ve never flown through snow before!”

Way back in November, 2011, I got an assignment from Ohio Today magazine to photograph a student pilot for their story on unusual courses at Ohio University. I’d been to the airport several times before for work with the engineering school, but I hadn’t had a chance to actually fly until now.

dawson_flight_MG_8942.jpg dawson_flight_MG_8998.jpg dawson_flight_MG_9003.jpg

I photographed pilot Sam Trost as he prepared for his “cross country” flight from Albany, Ohio, to Huntington, West Virginia, and back. (While calculating fuel needs he asked me how much I weighed, which was bad enough, but then I had to point out that my gear probably added 30% to my weight).

The flight was an absolute blast. We had brilliant sun, heavy clouds, snow, rainbows (snow-bows?), and some high-bank turns that made me grin like a school boy (and the g-forces kinda cemented the goofy grin.

dawson_flight_MG_9221.jpg dawson_flight_MG_9134.jpg dawson_flight_MG_9086.jpg

I had heard we’d be in the air for over four hours, so initially I was disappointed that we were only flying to Huntington and back, but after an hour and a half of turbulent flight in a tiny plane as seen through a camera’s viewfinder my stomach was more than ready to be on terra firma.

dawson_flight_MG_9054.jpg dawson_flight_MG_9340.jpg ohio_today_spring_2012_01.jpg

Read the entire Ohio Today story here.

Fast forward a couple of months and Ohio Today called me back to photograph a “Silent Get-a-Way” weekend for American Sign Language students.

dawson_asl_03_MG_7524.jpg dawson_asl_10_MG_8172.jpg dawson_asl_07_MG_7886.jpg

dawson_asl_18_MG_7313.jpg dawson_asl_14_MG_8082.jpg dawson_asl_20_MG_7676.jpg

Read the Ohio Today story here.

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