Second Day of Clinic, Cajamarca, Peru

Centro Medico Padre Luis Tezza, Cajamarca, Peru.

Breakfast is served from 7-8:30 and we leave for the clinic at 08:30. All I have to do is shower and get dressed – I could roll out of bed at 07:30 and have plenty of time. Today started with pan flute music at full blast at 06:30. Grr.


Today is going much the same as yesterday, except this time everyone knows what they are doing and where, and aside from nobody knowing where the key to the pharmacy is today is going very smoothly. Shah tried to pick the lock with two paper clips, but apparently he missed the lock picking class in pharmacy school.


Lots of kids today, and once they discovered me and my cameras they have barely stopped making me take their photos. A couple of them even watched patiently as I edited 40 or so photos in Photoshop.


I think I topped 500 photos – just today. I’m tired, and all I had to do was lug my gear around and take a zillion photos. I still can’t imagine being a doc and having to think about all that stuff and do it all without any of the structure or “comforts” of home. And through an interpreter.



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  1. Aris

    Fantastic pics Torch… keep posting!

  2. Christian

    Hi Mark,

    Great to hear that your trip finally came about. You make great photos, keep it up!

    Chris from Amsterdam

  3. Igor

    What about a job at National Geographic?

  4. gabita

    hi. there gaby
    how are you? the photos are nice, cool….but law our photos, the most important….It’s a joke!!

    Take care. God bless you

  5. Suzanne Everett Bandy

    Your mom emailed me about what you were doing. What an experience you must be having! Your pictures are fabulous!!

    May God bless your travels and his army of angels protect you along the way.

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